CHM Care

Bespoke Services

Cliveden Housing Management & Care has successfully implemented programs which incorporate bespoke services for housing providers to ensure the following: 

  1. Support:

    This covers a range of support, from preparing a budget for the service users needs to giving them support in cooking a healthy meal.

  2. Support Workers

    Every tenant or service user will have a named support worker. The support worker is there to provide a range of support to help service users to achieve goals which are implemented in their support plan.

  3. Support Plans

    Every support user has a support plan, which is made by the service user with a support workers help. The plan will identify what goals the user wishes to achieve and will show what actions the service user and support worker need to take to work towards those goals.

  4. Reviews

    Plans change all the time and so support plans need to be reviewed regularly. Support workers will review plans with service users when things change or at times agreed.

  5. Key Working Sessions/Visits

    The support worker will meet the service user on a regular basis.

  6. Standards

    We have a minimum set of standards for support which includes things like: how often should support plans be reviewed or how often should support meetings take place.